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Do More HeARTwork (DMH) curates a standing yearly series of art exhibitions that highlight Baltimore artists working in various mediums, including culinary, with the goal of reinforcing positive narratives of peace, civility, and community amongst Baltimore’s citizens and neighborhoods.

DMH was developed specifically to give a positive voice to the fullness and community that exists in Baltimore. Its curated exhibitions will bring Baltimore’s citizens together around creative expression in a way that promotes recognition of shared humanity. And, in that place, strengthen the sense of community and compassion – hopefully sparking a trend toward peace.

Over the next five years, DMH will collaborate with Baltimore’s artist communities, schools and colleges, the Baltimore City government, partner organizations, neighborhood associations, the Baltimore business community, and individual citizens to create 3-4 yearly art exhibitions at various venues in Baltimore City. Each exhibition will focus on a specific art medium and have its own theme tied to the DMH goal of celebrating peace, civility, and community in Baltimore.

As part of the DBCI family, DMH embraces the mission of empowering “at-risk individuals to reach their full potential in the areas of fine arts, technology, health education, career, and mental health awareness.” All exhibitions will be planned and installed with the support of artists, community members, youth, and students. DMH is dedicated to education for Baltimore’s youth and will provide service-learning, skills, knowledge building, and exposure for every youth participant involved.

A list of exhibits and tentative schedules are outlined in the table below.

Tentative Exhibition Title Art Theme Concept
Peace-Ability: Peace Animated Visual Art, Animation  Theme: Peace, the Fantasy.
Focus: Youth artists.
Goal: Support artists' understanding of the business aspects of developing a show.
Baltimore  Ballet Boy: The Photography Exhibition Photography and Dance Theme: Because of Baltimore
Focus: Baltimore photographers and male ballet dancers, architecture.
Goal: Celebrate many forms of beauty in Baltimore, her men, artists, and local gems.
Neighbor Flavor: The Crab Cake Cook-off Culinary Theme: Eat! Eat! Eat!
Focus: A Sweet 16 style neighborhood cooking competition.
Goal: Encourage community connections by bringing together neighborhood associations, citizens, and neighborhood restaurants to participate in a culinary arts competition.  
Bi-Annual Youth Film Festival Film  Theme: Dope Boy Films
Focus: Community film festival highlighting films conceived and created by Baltimore dope boys, in partnership with local film and media experts. 
Goal: To give visual and voice to the creativity of people who are not typically seen as creative beings.  

For more information please contact Venesa Day at 804-252-7832 or Venesajohnsonday@comcast.net.


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